Remind your friends

It would be great if you can directly sent a reminder to someone – be it your spouse, your mom, or even your colleagues – instead of just sending them a chat message and hope that they will remind themselves and don’t simply forget.

This basically comes with a slew of a standard requirements:

  • You would like to know if the recipient of the reminder ever accept your message
  • Ditto if the reminder ever been completed (i.e. message was read or alerted to your recipient)
  • You need to be able to screen who can send the reminder to you
  • Expand on the previous point: it would be great to rely on the list – any list – that you already have, instead of creating and maintaining a new list of recipients.

Well, we heard you. That’s why AlertBuddy was built based on Facebook’s login and friend list. Just ride on your existing social network – you are set on the get go.

With a caveat: AlertBuddy cannot function without your facebook friends also installing AlertBuddy too. That’s why we encourage AlertBuddy users to invite their friends through the standard facebook share dialog. It’s an option, and at the end of the day, the decisions are totally yours (and your friends).